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Service Overview

Wocle specialise in basic bicycle checks, maintenance and repairs. 

Pic by Sarah Lay

Bicycle Safety Check 

At Wocle, we believe an important component to enjoying your bicycle experience is to know you are riding a safe and reliable bicycle. The quick Bicycle Safety Check will give you an overall health check of your bicycle and recommendations for improvements, if any. We check the following:

  • Bicycle safety check:

  • Frame and forks

  • Handlebar

  • Seat and seatpost

  • Tyres front and back

  • Gear cables

  • Brake cables

  • Brake pads front and back

  • Chain and cassette

  • Pedals

  • Derailleur front and back

  • Accessories

Pic by Sarah Lay

Basic Bicycle Service

We specialise in basic bicycle maitenance and repairs. We check and adjust the following or replace parts where necessary i.e. gear and brake cables, tubes and tyres, chain and brake pads. 

  • Check and adjust brake pads

  • Check and lubricate brake and gear cables

  • Chain check, clean and lubrication

  • Check and adjust gears

  • Tyre tube check and correct inflation

  • Safety check of all accessory components

  • Frame wipe down 

  • Test ride and further recommendations